Mercuria MAP-C iOS App Case Study: Empowering the Energy Sector with Real-time Market Insights

March 30, 2024 (1mo ago)

Empowering the Energy Sector with Real-time Market Insights


Mercuria Energy Group is a cornerstone in the global energy markets, boasting a broad trading expertise and an independent, robust presence in over 50 countries. As a leader in energy and commodities trading, Mercuria operates from key global business hubs, trading a diverse range of physical commodities and engaging dynamically with various sectors of the energy industry. With a staunch commitment to the energy transition, Mercuria pledges that over 50% of its new investments are directed towards the low carbon sector, underpinning a strategy that prioritizes reliability, affordability, and sustainability. Their suite of services extends to aiding businesses in achieving net-zero goals, reflecting a firm dedication to environmental responsibility and the promotion of cleaner energy solutions.

Overview of the Mercuria MAP-C App in the App Store


The Mercuria MAP-C app is a significant advancement in the digital solutions offered within the energy sector. It provides professionals with real-time insights and analytics for power market hub prices across North America.

Project Background

Mercuria Energy America LLC tasked Fred with crafting the MAP-C app to meet the urgent need for real-time access to power market prices and to enhance the decision-making processes for traders, analysts, and other energy professionals.


The Mercuria MAP-C app, accessible on both iPhone and Apple Watch, furnishes users with an immersive experience and detailed insights into power market hub prices, inclusive of real-time and day-ahead pricing for major market hubs in the USA and Canada.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Features prices for CAISO, ERCOT, MISO, NEISO, NYISO, PJM, and SPP.
  • Data Presentation: Prices are presented in tables, charts, and maps for intuitive analysis.
  • Customization: Users can personalize their data views and alerts.
  • Alerts: Notifications for critical price changes and market events.
  • Offline Access: Constant access to data, regardless of internet connectivity.
  • Data Sharing: Functionality for exporting and sharing market data.

Technical Highlights

The app guarantees up-to-date information through seamless integration with official data sources, boasting a user-friendly interface and stringent security protocols.


The Mercuria MAP-C app has transformed market data interactions for energy professionals, enabling informed decision-making and proactive market participation.

User Feedback

The app is highly rated at 5.0 in the App Store, indicating user satisfaction with its comprehensive coverage and ease of use.


The Mercuria MAP-C app embodies the spirit of digital innovation within the energy sector, establishing itself as an indispensable tool for professionals.

Mercuria MAP-C on Apple Watch

Explore the Mercuria MAP-C app and discover its comprehensive features for energy market analysis on the App Store: Mercuria MAP-C.