my work

On a mission to build products developers and clients love, and along the way, teach the next generation of developers. Here's a summary of some of my work.

Mercuria Energy LLC

Python/SwiftUI Engineer

I joined Mercuria to build their new MAP-C iOS app, which is used by traders to manage billions of dollars in energy trades. I worked with a team of developers to deliver a new app built with SwiftUI and Combine.

I also helped build a new API in Python, which powers the app and integrates with their existing backend. I worked with their infrastructure team to deploy the new API to AWS and helped build internal tooling to help our traders manage their trades.

Explore the full case study for the Mercuria MAP-C app and discover its comprehensive features for energy market analysis on the App Store: Mercuria MAP-C

Champion Energy Services

React Native Mobile Developer

I joined Champion Energy Services, a Calpine Company to help build their mobile app. The goal was allowing their residential and business customers manage their Champion Energy account on the go. With just a few clicks the app allowed you to pay your bill, review your account, make account changes, or chat with an agent for assistance. Later on during my tenure, I lead the production rollout initiative.

Certegy Payment Solutions, LLC

Senior Software Engineer

Certegy provides retailers a safe and simple option for including check transactions in their payment mix. They leverage the industry’s most efficient and secure technology to instantly authorize and process checks for next business day deposits. I joined a team of product engineers working across web and mobile with React and React Native.

On the frontend, I led our move from a custom webpack and React configuration to Next.js and the latest React patterns. Developed a consumer Mobile Remote Deposit Capture (mRDC) solutions for flexible client ACH check cashing and mobile deposits. In the process, I shared my learnings, helping educate internal and external stakeholders.

During my tenure, I was able to work on some hard problems: decoupling a decade old monolith into microservices, building and implementing a design system, incrementally migrating individual components and routes to a new framework and infrastructure, and more.

Oncor Electric

Software Engineer

Oncor Electric Delivery Companyis the largest transmission and distribution electric utility in the state of Texas and the 5th largest utility company in the US. Some highlights include developing the MyOncor Mobile app for iOS and Android, MyOncor Website, and MyOncor API.

The MyOncor Mobile app allows customers to view their account information, report power outages, and find payment locations.

Performed hands-on multi-platform mobile development, providing application operational support.

Worked closely with Product Owner and agile team to elaborate technical details and provide work estimates.